Interline Agreement Eurowings

13 Temmuz 2023


Interline Agreement: What it Means for Eurowings and Its Passengers

Eurowings, the low-cost carrier of Lufthansa Group, has been making headlines lately with its new interline agreement. But what exactly is an interline agreement, and how does it benefit Eurowings and its passengers?

An interline agreement is a commercial agreement between two or more airlines that allows passengers to travel on multiple airlines with a single ticket and check-in. This means that passengers can book a flight with Eurowings, for example, and connect to another flight with a partner airline without having to purchase separate tickets or recheck their luggage.

With the new interline agreement, Eurowings has partnered with six airlines from different parts of the world, including Bangkok Airways, China Eastern Airlines, EVA Air, TAP Air Portugal, and United Airlines. This not only expands the airline`s reach to new destinations but also provides more seamless travel options for its passengers.

For example, a passenger traveling from Europe to Asia can now book a flight with Eurowings and connect to a flight with China Eastern Airlines, without having to worry about purchasing a separate ticket or rechecking their luggage. This saves time and hassle for passengers, who can now travel more efficiently and comfortably.

Additionally, the interline agreement allows Eurowings to offer more competitive prices and a wider range of fares to its passengers. By partnering with other airlines, Eurowings can now offer more affordable prices for flights to destinations that were previously not available in its network.

Furthermore, passengers can earn and redeem miles with Eurowings` partner airlines through its loyalty program, Miles & More. This means that passengers can earn and redeem miles when traveling on Eurowings and its partner airlines, providing more opportunities to earn rewards and benefits.

In conclusion, Eurowings` interline agreement is a significant development that benefits both the airline and its passengers. With this agreement, Eurowings has expanded its network, provided more seamless and efficient travel options, and improved its pricing and loyalty program. Passengers can now travel more comfortably and affordably, making it a win-win situation for everyone.